Red Plus Size Jacket

Red Plus Size Jacket

SKU: 896262d3

Plus size, long sleeve, open front button jacket.


Country: USA
Fabric Content: 100% polyester
Size Scale: 1XL to 3XL
Description: L: 25" B:44 " W:42 "

Returns: Please see our homepage for our return policy.

Garment care: Polyester can be drycleaned or washed in the washing machine. Machine wash polyester jackets inside out with your normal detergent on the normal cycle with warm or cool water. Try to avoid picking a detergent that is “tough on stains” or formulated for deep-stains. This might fade the color of your fabric or otherwise harm the quality of the fabric. Use fabric softener to reduce static cling. Wash with like colors and fabrics only. Hang dry or use the dryer on the lowest heat setting. Polyester can melt or shrink when exposed to high heat levels. Use an air-dry or fluff setting on the dryer if possible.


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